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Trevor Tollefson

We call him Tremor, 'cuz he'll rock your world.

Age: 4/27/95

Location: Farmington, MN.

What's your set up? the harrow 152 from the interior plain project. binders 21" angles 12, -12.

Regular or Goofy? I ride regular but am kinda goofy as a person.

When did you start riding? I started when I was 13.

Where is your favorite place to ride? I like to build what i ride but really anywhere good times are to be had!

Who do you look up to in the snowboard world? Cody b

What made you start riding? I used to skate quite a bit then my neighbor showed me snowboarding. addicted ever since.

Sponsors: Zombie Boardshop, Test Pilot for IPP, Cold Front, & dad and mom.

gift from BetweenLakes on Vimeo.