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Tanner Seymour

Age: Twenty Two
Location: Burnsville Minnesota

What's your set up? Rome GangPlank 152, Rome Katana Medium, DC Judge size 10

Regular or Goofy? Regular, riding switch is exciting tho.

Where is your favorite place to ride? Buck Mountain!
Trollhaugen never fails to impress. Big Sky, Montana is fun to explore.

Who do you look up to in the snowboard world? I'm a big fan of a lot of riders, right now Danimals, Blake Paul, and Tommy Gesme. Pretty much Videograss and LicktheCat.

What's your favorite trick? I like to go blind, Frontboards and Back Ones

What made you start riding? The freedom of navigating a slope with a perfect carve, and my older sister.

Sponsors: Zombie Boardshop, Rome Snowboards, anyone who lends me mittens, BetweenLakes

gift from BetweenLakes on Vimeo.