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K2 World Peace Snowboard 2024

If your ideal snowboard treats the entire mountain like a terrain park, feels most at home sliding rails and boxes, and ventures into the streets from time to time, look no further than the all-new K2 World Peace.
Twin in both shape and flex, the World Peace features a smooth flexing single-species core profile that K2 engineered to lock into presses and butters with ease. This core is constructed of 100% Aspen, a lightweight, renewable timber built to absorb shocks and take a beating. They wrap the core in a biax fiberglass--with fibers intersecting at a 90º angle--giving riders the ability to manipulate their tricks and a relaxed feel between features.

Lastly, they gave the World Peace a hard, fast, sintered 4000 base -a material that is genuinely as tough as nails to stand up to the abuse that freestyle snowboarding dishes out.

Graphically, K2 worked with Russ Pope to help bring the World Peace some new energy for 2023. A bright, poppy base makes it so that your tricks catch people's attention in the park, and a clean top sheet is the perfect canvas for stickers and maybe even a little bit of illustration yourself.

Terrain: Small to Medium Freestyle Features

Riding Style: Jibs, Butters, Presses, and Small to Medium Jumps

Ability Level: Beginner to Advanced


Aspen Core – A single species of wood ensures a consistent flex pattern, durability, and snap.

Biax Glass – A lightweight glass layup at 0 °and 90° for a consistent, smooth flex.

Sintered 4000 Base – Absorbs wax easily for relentless glide and unrivaled durability.


Twin Combination Camber Profile, Aspen Core, Biax Glass, Sintered 4000 Base, 2x4 Inserts