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Hawgs - 63mm Fattie Hawgs 78a Stone-Ground Wheels

Color: Pink/Purple Swirl

Price:  $ 39.99 
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Made famous as the wheel of choice for Landyachtz Dinghy completes, Fatty Hawgs are now available separately in a multitude of colours and patterns so you can upgrade your cruiser board today. We use the highest quality urethane to ensure these are the best cruiser wheels available on the market. Get a set and see the difference for yourself.Fatty Hawgs are possibly the most versatile cruiser wheel in the Hawgs lineup. Measuring 63mm tall by 50mm wide, they do everything you could want a cruiser wheel to do. They grip when you want to carve deep and slip when you need to kick them out and shed speed. The high-quality 78a urethane formula means that they also roll faster and further with every push. They come with a stone ground finish, so they perform right out of the packaging and the durable urethane formula means they’ll be good till the last drop.