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Jimmy Goodman

Name: Jimbo

Age: 26

Home Town: Lakeville

Regular or Goofy? Regular

Set up: Down stream, 8" Indy, 1 used bearing at a time (SO malik for giving me two bearings last time), and some very small wheels

How long have you been skating? since the fall of 1998 I think

What’s your favorite spot? Lakeville elementary schools (red bank/eastview), Gov center, and blind school

Do you roll with a crew? Or solo? keokuk is the wurst

What’s your favorite trick? I've been hot on smiths my whole life but I'v been hot on fakie smiths and willies recently, I like to give some love to the ugly tricks no one else wants to learn.

Sponsors: Zombie, Downstream, and Teva

Shout Outs: Zombie boys, broke bois, 4n, business crew, st loosers, and god boots.