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Ian Sherman

Name: Ian Sherman

Age: 29 and counting

Home Town: Rosemount,MN

Regular or Goofy? Goofy as can be!

Set up: 8.25 character deck, 149 thunders, and 52mm wheels 101d

How long have you been skating? Long long time. 16 years I think.

What’s your favorite spot? Affinity banks in St. Paul off 52

Do you roll with a crew? Or solo? Years ago I did it solo on film missions. Now the crew hanging and maybe getting clips.

What’s your favorite trick? Still a good old kick flip into grinds still feels the best!

Sponsors: Zombie Boardshop, Character Skateboards, and I get Volcom flow some how.

Shout Outs: Al @ Character, Shawn @ Zombie, Hondi, Swash, Andy and Emmet @ Volcom, and anybody who skates!