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AJ Mockenhaupt

August Mockenhaupt

Age: 23

Home Town: Savage, MN

Regular or Goofy? Regular

Set up: Hopefully not broken..

How long have you been skating? Since 2003 or so

What’s your favorite spot? Ditches are fun, or just anywhere I can get down on a sesh

Do you roll with a crew? Or solo? I roll on a board, doesnt matter.

What’s your favorite trick? Boneless backflip

Sponsors: Zombie Boardshop

ShoutOuts: Ian Sherman: Growing up, a major skate role model for me was Ian and still is to this day. I might not be skating today if I hadn't seen him shredding when I was younger. Shawn Solem: Shawn is the man and has always been helping me, ever since I was first in the basement shop as a kid with my mom looking for Bam trucks or some sh*t. Eric Clavel: This dude put up with so much crap on trips, filming, and general heinousness, but always nurtured my progression and skating. I appreciate it Eric!